Never Too Late for Love

Never Too Late for LoveGianni Di Gregorio, known for Gomorrah and Mid-August Lunch, is Astolfo, a retired professor, when evicted from his apartment, moves to his  family’s decrepit palazzo in a remote village.  He encounters squatters  living in the palazzo, who he comes to accept. He meets Stefania, played by Stefania Sandrelli, of Divorzio all’Italiana and Sedotta e abbandonata, a charming and generous woman of his age whose head is often in the clouds.  Astolfo falls in love and struggles with feelings he thought belonged to the past.   Astolfo makes a brave step and learns delightedly that it’s never too late to fall in love
This is a brilliant comedy with no shortage of hilarious scenes, misadventures with his strange company of friends,  and embarrassing romantic encounters.

The film we show is in Italian with English subtitles


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